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The Big 4 and mid-tier accountants provide a valuable service to many businesses, but they often fail to see the detail when it comes to running a small business and in understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by them.

The significant overheads and return requirements for large firms become so great that their fees become out of reach or hard to justify for many small businesses.  But does that have to mean that the small business operator can’t access good accounting advice?  The answer is no, it doesn’t mean that at all.  Your small local accountant is well placed to assist you and can often provide the one-on-one specialised assistance and consistency of service that you need.  Most of these accountants are also operating a small business themselves and many have come from large professional firms or industry roles and have great business skills.  Not only that, their reduced overheads from operating a small or home office means that they are often able to provide better fees then a large firm.  So why don’t you give your local accountant in Castlemaine a go.

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Wendy Cavarra
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