“Wendy Cavarra played a pivotal role in our business; stepping in as CEO at a time when the business was lacking structure, direction and governance and we were too busy addressing the day to day issues to really step back and look at the bigger picture. Wendy’s approach is very professional and I would have no problem with recommending her to others.”

Craig Dickson - Managing Director – Veneziano Coffee

“Wendy Cavarra was with our business for approximately ten years. During her time as Chief Executive she oversaw the development of the business from its initial ‘Green Fields’ beginning though to its consolidation as a leading player in our regional market. Her strong background in finance and accounting allowed the business to enjoy an excellent working relationship with our bankers – something that was critical during our formative years and also later during periods of rapid growth.

Wendy’s determined, professional focus on growth and profitability saw her successfully initiate and manage a restructure of our key sales, operations and accounting functions which she then supported by refining the internal processes and procedures in each department.

During her time at the helm Wendy was able to show her significant people management skills by renegotiating the position descriptions of the managing partners by identifying and agreeing skill sets and allocating tasks accordingly.

The ultimate testament to Wendy’s skill as chief executive was reflected when, twelve months after having driven the formulation of a detailed three year business plan, she was able to use the plan and the company’s performance against budget to optimize returns to the partners from the sale of the business.

I would have no qualms in recommending Wendy Cavarra to anyone wanting advice on any aspect of business management.”

ACN - Peter Welsh, Managing Partner

“Wendy assisted us at The Groove Train when rapid growth saw us struggling with our management and financial systems.  Wendy was able to take hold and lead us back in the right direction by implementing more efficient systems and formalised processes.  Wendy has a diverse set of business skills that are not just limited to accounting or finance, but include skills such as general management and leadership. She is thoughtful, patient and has an exceptional capacity to listen, understand and provide solutions to a company’s challenges. I highly recommend Wendy.”

Groove Train Restaurants - Joseph Kolenda

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